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In a nutshell, Project Simplify 365 is based on the idea that consciously doing one small thing each day towards creating a simpler life can ultimately add up to a big change. You can read more about my personal goals here, or follow my progress on the Project Simplify 365 Facebook Page. Perhaps it will even inspire you to make some changes this year too. Your priorities and goals don’t have to be the same as mine, but hopefully we can encourage and motivate each other to do just one thing each day.

homeschool research, part 1 {1.22.12}

by Ruth on January 22, 2012

I want to homeschool.  I’m terrified of homeschooling.  As soon as I start to think about I almost start to panic.  How can I possibly fit it in?  The self-doubt starts almost immediately:  Am I really capable of teaching my own kids?  Will they listen to me?  How will I schedule our days?  How can I devote the necessary time to them and still manage the rest of our life?  It is overwhelming.  And when I get overwhelmed, I avoid.  So I’ve been avoiding it, even though it is something I really want to do, something I’ve always wanted to do, something I feel pressing on my heart to do.

Today I avoided it for a long time.  I even took a nap, something I ever do, but woke up refreshed and ready to delve into this whole new world of homeschooling, even though it scares me half to death, even though I didn’t even know where to begin.  And then I spotted Edie’s latest post, highlighting her 5th grade curriculum and it was like a sign from Heaven.  It was just the inspiration I needed and suddenly one link led to another and I spent hours reading (and pinning) various blogs and articles about classical homeschooling and while I am still overwhelmed, I am also invigorated.  This is something we can do.  This is something I want to do.  I have a place to start now, which is a pretty big step.  {Thanks Edie! :-) }

P.S.  The photo is Edie’s too, and I just love it.  It pretty much captures in a photograph all the reasons I want to do this.

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Melissa N January 24, 2012 at 10:54 am

I just have to share that I love all your blogs. And want to thank you for sharing and inspiring. I too have been overwhelmed by the thought of homeschooling my daughter. It has been on my heart for a long time. And since I have been her preschool teacher I would think I would be ready for the next step. But I find myself unsure, scared and praying about it alot. But after reading your post, I started my own research on homeschooling today. Thank you!


Elizabeth January 29, 2012 at 2:54 pm

I just want to encourage you to follow your heart when it comes to homeschooling. My family is in the middle of our third year of homeschooling our two boys; fourth grade and seventh grade. It is a big commitment and a lot of work, but it has been so very worthwhile for our family. We love the flexibility and the freedom to pursue interests that traditional school schedules don’t allow for, and with my husband’s unusual work schedule we get to spend much more time with him.

I don’t usually leave many comments, but I wanted you to know that I read your other blogs regularly and I wish the best for your family in your homeschooling efforts!


Ruth February 2, 2012 at 7:21 am

Elizabeth, thank you so much for the encouragement AND for leaving a comment–it really means a lot. I am a little nervous about this new endeavor but I hear stories like yours and mostly I just can’t wait to get started.


Jessica Washburn April 18, 2012 at 12:38 am

Go for it. You’ll love it!!! I miss it and though I think after two years (at least with Jaxon), homeschooling was no longer for us, we have such fond memories. I also believe without a doubt, it helped us build a bond that is so strong. I am SO glad I started blogging before I home schooled, I love reading about our crazy/fun homeschool days. Good luck my dear, you’ll do fabulous. :)


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